Seldon and Rewired Partner to expand ML platform into the world of robotics and IoT

Today we’re excited to announce that Rewired has partnered with Seldon to help them expand their innovative machine learning deployment platform into the world of robotics and IoT.

Alex Housley and the talented team at Seldon are democratizing machine learning deployment, making it easier for not only data scientists, but also developers and decision makers to harness the power of this transformational technology.

Seldon’s open-source machine learning platform is used by thousands of data scientists around the world across industries and their team works directly with some of the world’s largest organisations.

In support of the partnership, Rewired has invested in Seldon, and will provide robotics development and business expertise, provided by our world-class scientific advisors and general partners.

We at Rewired believe that improving machine perception will unlock the next generation of smart robotics. We’re investing not only in sensors but also in software and systems that help autonomous machines to interact with unpredictable environments and collaborate with humans.

Managing AI workflows is complicated. The Googles and Facebooks of the world have extensive in-house machine learning and data science teams. Deep tech expertise is both costly and in short supply: There are more than 1,000 developers for every data scientist in the world. (Recent research from Evans Data puts the number of developers worldwide at 21 million. The number of data scientists in 2018 will reach 58,000.)

That’s why we need solutions for everyone else, solutions like Seldon Deploy, Seldon’s newest machine learning deployment platform. Seldon Deploy helps not only data scientists but also any developer or business user to manage deployment workflows, providing new capabilities around infrastructure, collaboration and compliance . (You can join the beta here:

Intelligent systems are increasingly becoming decentralized with more data gathering and decisions at the edges of the network. To process sensor data and to fuse various modalities of data together we need to build machine learning platforms that leverage container-driven architectures to help modularize and orchestrate the work of different algorithms running on the edge. You can read more about the intersection of AI and robotics in this article, which Rewired’s Santiago Tenorio and Seldon founder Alex Housley coauthored for VentureBeat.
In partnering with Seldon we’ll be helping to build accessible machine learning solutions that can live on the edge and bring AI/ML to robotics everywhere.

The next generation of smart robotics depends on it.



Posted on: December 14, 2017

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