Gleb Chuvpilo Promoted to Managing Partner @Rewired, New Office Opens In Lausanne, Switzerland

We have also officially opened the doors to new our office in Lausanne, Switzerland. We are honored to announce that Gleb Chuvpilo is joining Rewired full time as a Managing Partner, promoted from Venture Partner.

An integral member of our team since the beginning, Gleb is invaluable in helping us identify, validate, and collaborate with our growing list of portfolio companies.

He brings to Rewired both venture experience and deep technical expertise, with a Master’s degree from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and an MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

A seasoned investor in the space, Gleb previously managed AI-driven quantitative trading portfolios at Goldman Sachs ($10 billion AUM) and Clarium (Peter Thiel’s $6 billion global macro fund). Gleb also helped Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian launch an early-stage venture fund focusing on investments in Y Combinator startups.

Gleb’s field experience in Artificial Intelligence includes building AI algorithms at Palantir Technologies (an In-Q-Tel backed Silicon Valley startup), and co-founding several technology startups, including Authy (Y Combinator class 2012, acquired by Twilio), Ride (with Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar, funded by TPG and Bono, acquired by Enterprise Holdings), and Pager (also with Oscar Salazar, funded by New Enterprise Associates and Ashton Kutcher).

Our team is by far our greatest asset, and for their time and knowledge, we are grateful.

In addition to welcoming Gleb full time, we are expanding our physical offices to Switzerland, in addition to our existing office in London. We have been spending more time there than not already, and securing the perfect launchpad space has been a priority over the past year. We’ve finally found it.

This space is a great place for us to work, house portfolio companies, and host the Swiss robotics community as often as we can. We’re still scouting for our studio space, which will be considerably larger given the specialized equipment it will house.
Chris Anderson, the founder of 3D Robotics, remarked last year that “Switzerland is the Silicon Valley of robotics.”
This has been validated by the influx of technology companies and the concentration of impressive talent. The region has a rich history of precision engineering, itself driven by a culture obsessed with building things that last.
Our Lausanne office is the first step towards our full studio space, due to be opened in 2018. We are making steady progress towards building a global hub for interdisciplinary innovation that will generate new forms of human-machine collaboration across an increasingly broad spectrum of activities.
The Lausanne office will be fully staffed, and open for business. We can’t wait to welcome you.
Since opening our doors for business earlier this year, we have grown our incredible team and added to our portfolio in a meaningful way. We set out with an ambitious goal, to unlock the next-generation of robotics. We’re well on our way.
You’ll be seeing a lot more from us soon. Stay tuned.



Posted on: November 21, 2017

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