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in applied science and technologies that will create a massive opportunity for doing good and improve quality of life. Sentient beings rely on highly evolved sensory and cognitive abilities to perceive and interact with the complex world around us. Our first thesis is about the five senses: sight, touch, sound, and yes — smell and taste too.

By improving machine perception, we will unlock the next-generation of smart robotics.

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Unlocking novel applications of taste and smell for smart robots

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DARPA-funded Aromyx is developing technologies that for the first time enable scientific, reproducible measurement and digitization of taste and scent.

The applications for this kind of technology are profound: from food and beverage quality control, flavor and fragrance, to consumer packaged goods, and chemical and agricultural industries. Applying this technology to robotics also enables detection and capturing of completely new modalities of data that will inform decision making in autonomous machines and inspire the development of new learning models.

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Bringing AI and machine learning to robotics everywhere

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The talented team at Seldon is democratizing machine learning deployment, making it easier for not only data scientists, but also developers and decision makers to to manage workflows and provide new capabilities around infrastructure, collaboration and compliance.

Seldon’s open-source machine learning platform is used by thousands of data scientists around the world across industries and their team works directly with some of the world’s largest organizations.

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Revolutionizing aerial drones with AI and machine-learning

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Raptor Maps is building software to convert drone data into expert deliverables for any industry. The company provides tools to organize data, perform virtual inspections, and generate reports that seamlessly integrate into workflows.

This kind of data processing and machine learning is useful for solar farms and other applications, leveraging aerial thermal imaging to provide insights and actionable reports.

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Affordable bionic hands for the more than 5 million amputees worldwide

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Open Bionics is developing the next generation of prosthetics, which cost 80% less than traditional prosthetics and will dramatically increase access. Leveraging modern sensor technologies, Open Bionics is for the first time enabling patients to feel their surrounding environment through their prosthetic, and creating prosthetics that children specifically can feel proud to wear.

These technologies enhance not only the experience of patients and the work of researchers, but the lives of all humans everywhere.

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