Rewired is a technology and esports focused venture studio

Rewired is a robotics focused venture studio

Powering the new global economy by backing the next generation of technology and esports ventures.

Rewired invests in the component technologies of the artificial intelligence revolution and is also one of Europe’s largest investors into the global esports megatrend.

Artificial intelligence
can build
a better world

Artificial intelligence can make every industry and everything that is around us perform better with minimal human inputs. But for humanity to yield the full benefits of the global AI economy several things must work together.

We are on a mission to master the constellation of technologies that will enable intelligent robots to perceive the world around them and make optimal decisions.

This involves looking past human perception capabilities and into new technologies that allow us to tap into and create entirely new modalities of data.

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow intelligence.

Our venture studio is a global hub for interdisciplinary innovation across all of our investments.

We’re working with a diverse group of companies across six core verticals.

They are developing novel sensor systems, new modalities of data, new approaches to machine vision, viable neural interfaces and a wide range of supporting technologies.  And they are driving the global growth of esports.







Esports is the future of investment

With a community of 435.9 million esports fans and a revenue growth reaching $1084.1 million in 2021, esports is sure the new investment trend. 

The esports investments ecosystem should not only be limited to gaming, but also to VR games, data analytics, and of course, esports teams. 

In 2019, Rewired made Europe’s largest ever esports team investment with €34 million total invested into Team Vitality. 

Since then, Rewired had supported Team Vitality in its expansion while looking into diversifying its portfolio.

Rewired Talks with City A.M.

Rewired has partnered with City AM to create an online hub of opinion and thought leadership from the deep tech business community.  

Growth Stage Investing

Our investments focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and esports companies that have proven their future potential to have an exponential impact in the markets that they seek to address.Our core philosophy is to identify, support and nurture talent whilst providing both intellectual and financial capital. As a result, Rewired increases the growth of companies and maximizes the equity value of the ventures that we invest in.

Rewired seeks to back ventures with a clear road map to exponential growth

Want to know if your venture could be backed by Rewired? Then consider the Six Ds (courtesy of Singularity University). The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression which form a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity. Rewired seeks to back the ventures which have the potential to generate exponential growth from these chain reactions of rapid technological progression.

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