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Enabling the global AI economy through the next generation of smart robotics.

Rewired is a robotics-focused venture studio with a humanitarian bent. We invest in applied science and technology ventures that can power the new economy whilst also doing good.

Santa Clara, Augmented LiDAR image courtesy of DIBOTICS
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Artificial intelligence can build a better world

Artificial intelligence can make every industry and everything that is around us perform better with minimal human input. But for humanity to yield the full benefits of the global AI economy there are several things that must work together.

Our robotics-focused venture studio is a global hub for interdisciplinary innovation to power the AI revolution.

We’re working with a diverse group of hardware and software companies.

They are developing novel sensor systems, new modalities of data, new approaches to machine vision, viable neural interfaces and a wide range of supporting technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Mapping & Localization


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Olfactory Sensors


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Machine Learning







invests for the long term in fundamental technologies that together lay the foundation for smart robotics, while simultaneously leveraging them for our studio, which targets persistent market gaps that

we can tackle head-on.